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Free online Seo Tools - best backlink tools list - backlink checker
Sunday, August 26, 2007

Here is a list of free SEO back-link tools (also known as backlink checkers) every webmaster should try. All the tools listed here are free, can be used online and don’t need a registration. A good back-link tool has to be fast, reliable, show all back-links to your site and retrieve as many information as possible from that back-links (tools showing only the number of backlinks can’t be considered real backlink checkers). The retrieved information should also be clear and easy to read, that’s why I included also the ”graphics” in the score of each. I gave a score from 1 to 10 to the speed, reliability, graphics of each tool and to the useful information you can get by using them . Let’s see who is first IMHO.

1) Rankalert Backlink tool

1. Speed: 10/10
2. Reliability: 8/10
3. Graphics: 9/10
4. Information: 7/10

SCORE: 34/40

some more information:

* very fast
* shows PageRank of backlinks
* backlink count (very precise)
* nice graphics
* showing detaild information about 1.000 of your backlinks

2) Build Reciprocal links - Backlink Checker Tool

1. Speed: 5/10
2. Reliability: 9/10
3. Graphics: 10/10
4. Information: 9/10

SCORE: 33/40

some more information:

* not very fast
* shows PageRank of backlinks
* shows only information about the backlinks you can get using “link:” function in Google
* awesome graphics
* shows Alexa rank for each backlink
* generates a report with number of backlinks and their PageRank (example: 100 PR0, 50 PR1, 30PR2 and so on)

3) Iwebtool Back-link checker

1. Speed: 9/10
2. Reliability: 3/10
3. Graphics: 8/10
4. Information: 7/10

SCORE: 27/40

some more information:

* fast
* shows PageRank of backlinks
* backlink count (not very precise)
* nice graphics
* showing detailed information only on some of your back-links

This tool is ranked 2° in my list ONLY when it’s working. Iwebtool is recieving a huge amount of traffic ever day and the tools are not working well most of the times you try them. Backlink count is not as precise as the one of the Rankalert tool and often it’s not working. Anyway it’s a great tool

4) Seo-consulting backlink checker

1. Speed: 2/10
2. Reliability: 6/10
3. Graphics: 6/10
4. Information: 9/10

SCORE: 23/40

some more information:

* slow
* shows PageRank of backlinks
* backlink count (not precise and tool won’t show more than 2.000 backlinks)
* generates a report with number of backlinks and their PageRank (example: 100 PR0, 50 PR1, 30PR2 and so on…awesome feature)
* Shows unique Ip’s of backlinks
* always working

5) Webuildpages backlink tool

1. Speed: 1/10
2. Reliability: 5/10
3. Graphics: 4/10
4. Information: 5/10

SCORE: 15/40

some more information:

* very slow
* no PageRank shown for found backlinks
* shows anchor text of the backlinks
* Not working perfectly (when it searches for the anchor text it will often display “TIME OUT”

More tools will be added as soon as I find tools that deserve to be listed here. Of course don’t forget to use the Yahoo Site Explorer and the Google Webmaster Tools to check your backlinks.

If you have a Backlink Checker and you want to get listed here, send me an email with the URL so that I can review it or comment this post with your URL.


posted by Sakthi Ganesh @ 6:19 PM  
  • At March 23, 2009 at 12:21 AM, Blogger Abhishek said…

    free online seo tools-

    Rank Checker
    Google Banned Checker
    Keyword Density Checker
    Keyword Suggestion Tool
    Link Popularity Checker
    Link Suggestion Tool
    Multiple Keyword Search Engine Position Tool
    Multi Rank Checker
    No-Follow Checker
    Reciprocal Link Checker
    Search Engine Position Checker
    Search Engine Saturation Checker
    Spider View
    View HTTP Headers

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