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Online Marketing Strategies: How to Build Your Online Business
Friday, August 17, 2007

To succeed in setting up your online business, you need focus and direction. You can't afford to get sidetracked. Use these Marketing Tips and start going forward in the right path. Hope this helps.

Marketing Strategies

1 Tell people the point or focus of your web site. Explain to them what things they can do or which goals they can accomplish while visiting your site. For example, you could say, "Read 250 Free Net Marketing Tips So You Can Increase Your Sales! Plus Check Our Wide Selection Of Online Marketing E-books!"

2 Educate yourself with new strategies to increase your sales. You could take classes, subscribe to e-zines and magazines, read books or e-books, etc. Internet business and technology move at lightning speed. You need to keep up so you don't get left behind.

3 End your slow sales periods by planning ahead. Plan to add extra bonuses, hold a sale or package your product with other products. For example, you could say, "Buy one, get one free!" Another example would be, "Buy over $20 worth of products and get 5 free bonuses!"

4 Make more commissions from the affiliate programs you join by giving your own endorsements for the products. They usually pull more sales than ads. For example, you could say, "This e-book sent chills up my spine! I highly recommend buying it!" Another example, "All I have to say is, 'Wow! It's that good!'"

5 Take advantage of popular fads. If something is popular at the current time, put up a web site about it. Just promote your main site on the fad web site. You could also send off a quick article or press release about it to get free publicity. You could also do this with popular search engine keywords and phrases.

6 Increase the perceived value of your free things or bonuses by including the retail dollar amount the freebies would normally sell for. For example, you could say, "Bonus 1# Marketing Tips Newsletter (a value of $120)." Another example, "Get 7 Bonuses With A Retail Value Of $345! That more than pays for your purchase!"

7 Create your own web ring. You will gain highly targeted traffic to your web site and others will link to your site because they'll want to join the ring. For example, if you were selling products to net marketers, you would want to start an online marketing web ring. You would then draw your target audience.

8 Record all your new promotional ideas, good or bad, into an 'ideas' journal. Sometimes you can combine ideas to create new ones to increase your sales. You never know when you, or someone you know, needs a new, profitable idea. Plus you could also sell your ideas to other business owners.

9 Buy advertising space on discussion board web sites. They are usually arranged by subject; that makes them highly targeted. For example, if you are selling gardening tools, you would want to advertise on gardening, farm, tool and lawn-related discussion boards.

10 If your online business has enough global potential, thenconvert your web site and free e-mail newsletter into different languages. This will increase your overall target market. You just won't be targeting just one language, you'll be targeting most of the major ones. Plus it wouldn't hurt to learn a few different languages for this new global economy.

Relations with your Prospects and Customers

11 Make your visitors feel comfortable at your web site. Give them your main business address. Your visitors may not trust you if you're using a P.O. Box. If you want to make them feel really comfortable, give them your business, home and cell phone number. Then they will know they can get hold of you if they need help.

12 Include a FAQ on your web site or via e-mail on an autoresponder. This will give your customers extra convenience without having to contact you. Of course there are some questions you can't answer by using Frequently Asked Questions. You will get questions that you never thought of, but you can just keep adding them to your list.

13 Allow people who do not have time to explore your site to download portions of your web site in e-book format. This will allow them time to view it offline. Just compile it like you would a normal e-book. You could also turn it into a viral marketing tool by allowing people to give it away to others for free.

14 Upsell to all your customers. You could sell add-on products, deluxe products, extra parts, related products, add-on services, etc. You could offer them add-on products before or after they reach your order page. Just make sure the upsell products are compatible with the main product you're selling.

15 Offer your customers back-end products. It is easier to sell to existing customers. If you do not have a back-end product, join an affiliate program. You could offer that product as a back-end offer. Just make sure it's the right product for your target audience.

16 Increase the perceived value of your product. You could offer an affiliate program, give away free bonuses or use famous endorsements on your ad. Another way is to offer a sample or trial of your product or service. If people like it or it works, that will increase the perceived value because it gives them 100% personal proof.

17 Create a bond with your visitors by bringing up likes or dislikes you have in common with them in your ad copy. Just make sure you do your research. For example, you could say, "I hate it when you have to wait in line for a long time at the drive-through." Another example, "I really like it when I have extra money to spend."

18 Remember your customers are always right, even if they are not. They are the lifeblood of your business. Resolve all conflicts quickly and painlessly. There are many businesses which are solely profitable from repeat business. You don't want to always have to rely on converting prospects into customers.

19 Remind your visitors to promote your web site. Use phrases like: "Refer Our Web Site To A Friend" or "Link To Our Web Site". Offer them incentives for referrals. You could give them free e-books, reports, software and other informational products. You could also offer them discounts on other products you sell.

Web site Tips

20 Make your testimonials more powerful. You can have people include pictures, handwritten signatures and normal net contact information with each testimonial. Other ideas would be to have people produce an online audio sound bite or video clip of themselves, home or cell phone numbers, proof of their credibility or authority, etc.

21 Speed up your Internet access. You can get your online business tasks done faster, which will help you stay ahead of your competition. It can speed up your research, online marketing tools, Internet utilities, software downloads, etc.

22 Tell people the point or focus of your web site. Explain to them what things they can do or which goals they can accomplish while visiting your site. For example, you could say, "Read 250 Free Net Marketing Tips So You Can Increase Your Sales! Plus Check Our Wide Selection Of Online Marketing E-books!"

23 Team up with your weaker competitors to beat your stronger ones. You can create win/win joint venture and cross-promotion deals with them. You could share marketing and advertising costs, create new products and services, share skills and strategies, trade leads, etc.

24 Design your site so it will be worth bookmarking. Your visitors will bookmark your web site if it's full of free, original content like articles, e-books, etc. You could survey your target audience to see which web sites or what type of sites they visit a lot. Then you could place those links all in one section of your web site. You could advertise it as a start page.

Advertising and Newsletters

25 Start a free e-mail newsletter to create your own opt-in list. Create a title that grabs the reader's attention. Submit it to free e-zine directories on the Internet. Advertise it on your web site. Offer a freebie or other incentive for people to subscribe. Give your readers mostly original and quality content.

26 Use permission marketing to increase your sales. You simply ask people to sign up to your e-mailing list. They'll already be interested in your messages or ads because they've visited your related web site. You could also offer them incentives for signing up like freebies, discounts, expertise, content, etc.

27 Place your ad in targeted e-zines. Ask the owner if you could place your ad in a higher position in exchange for a percentage of the ad's profits. You could also negotiate a lower ad price in exchange for you giving them affiliate commissions or an ad in your e-zine.

28 Make your classified ads stand out in a crowd. Use all capital letters in the headline, divide letters with extra spaces, add in text symbols, etc. For example, you could write, "WIN a VACATION to Las Vegas!" Another example would be, "Win A ($) Trip To Las Vegas!"

29 Use a lot of headlines and sub-headlines on your web site. This will hold people's attention and keep them at your web site longer. Sometimes people don't have time to read a whole sales letter. This'll allow you to sell to people who are skimmers. Plus it will get the reader's full attention at the same time.

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