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How To Get Backlinks and Increase Traffic To Your Site-Blogs
Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Getting back links are the one of the important way to increase the page rank of the sites. Because most search engines calculating their page rank according to the no of back links and the percentage of keyword density present in the WebPages.

Initial traffic:

Getting the back links is one of the complex task in SEO. Because most of the back link providers expect the same traffic or Quality of back links returned to their websites from the receiving sites. This will be the great challenge for beginners who have just started the blogging. In that situation these webmasters should look for the alternate paths for getting back links. So it was wise to request the back links after getting a reasonable traffic. So adding the url to various directories and search engines are the foremost task to gain traffic.

Choosing Relevant& Qualified Back link Providers

Choosing the relevant& qualified back links providers, is the another important task for the getting back links. Because wrongly placed back links will not provide right results. Getting links from the sites/ blogs which has no enough page rank will not increase the page ranks. For E.g.

site A has the page rank of 0.And it gets 50 back links from 0 page ranked sites will not increase the page rank. But getting the links form page rank 4 or more site will surely increases the page rank of the sites. So getting links from high page ranked sites will provide the expected page rank.

Links from Commenting

Most of them believes that by putting their comments with their hyperlink will provide the enough page rank. But it was not Almost true, Most of the links provided through these comment section will not followed by search engine crawlers. So these links will not considered as valid back links. But by these hyperlink the visitors can navigated to the commenter's pages.But it was very few. By checking the properties of the links will provide the clear idea about whether it is crawlable or not.

Avoid links From Over Crowded links

Don't put your links where over crowded links are placed .Because the page rank was shared among the links. That results that pages will provides very small amount of page rank to sites. It just like sharing the apples with no of peoples. If no of peoples are increased, then every one gets small piece of apple. So try to get links from qualified and less links placed sites.

Avoid link exchange Programs:

The Mistake done by most of the webmasters to get back links are, getting links from exchanging programs. Most of the exchanging programs are only dedicated to exchange their links to each other. The most of the users participating in these programs are webmasters and they are not real end users. And another important point is major search engines ignore these kind of link exchange from crawling .They are constantly improving their crawling techniques to maintain their standard. So getting thousand links in overnight from these kind of link exchange programs will not give the results in longer run.

Social networking

Social networking is the one of the famous tool having today to get back links. Participating in these social networking activities will provides quality and direct links to your site. In most fo the social networking groups users can view and share their links. These will improve the page rank and drive more traffic.

Article writing

Article writing is the one of the best way to get valid back links. Article submissions will provide the direct back links to sites. Today various service providers are available to post your articles and get back links to your site. Writers can put their signatures on that articles and get back links.

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