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Measure Your Blogging Productivity With Blog Points
Saturday, August 18, 2007

Measurement is one of the most important business principles. A well-known business saying goes something like this: If you can’t measure it, then you can’t manage or improve it. And much of business is managing and improving.

What if you’re a blogger? How can you measure blogging?

I found this interesting system of measuring blogging productivity. It’s called The Passionate Blogger - Blog Points System.

Basically, you set a goal to reach a certain number of points each day or week. Then, you strive to earn points in these following ways.

* write a long blog post — 10 points
* write a short blog post — 5 points
* comment on a site I’ve commented on before — 2 points
* comment on a site I’ve never commented on before — 5 points
* respond to comments on my blog — 1 point
* install a new feature/plug-in, etc. — 10 points
* email another blogger with a link to a relevant post — 2 points
* IM conversation with a blogger in my niche — 3 points
* answer a reader’s question via email — 2 points
* submit post to a blog carnival — 5 points
* partner with another blogger — 10 points
* create promotional things for your visitors to use — 5 points
* create a plan for a blueprint or series of articles — 20 points
* submit a post to Digg and/or StumbleUpon — 1 point
* set up a profile on a social networking site — 10 points
* submit your site to a directory/search engine — 2 points

This blog points system is also in Excel spreadsheet (Excel file). Since it’s in this format, you can easily modify the points per activity and add or delete blog activities.

How do you measure your blogging productivity?

Source: Passionate Blogger - Blog Points System


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