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Google AdSense Effective Ad Positioning
Sunday, May 11, 2008

Some of us are quite successful with AdSense while others are still working hard to make the best out of their AdSense by experimenting with different Ad layouts, color blending and Ad formats. I would like to share some of my learnings and also put forth some best practices. Since every site is different in content, layout and industry it’s related to, please keep in mind that you will experiment with your site with tips mentioned here. Some of these tips may work the next moment you follow them and for some you will need to change their position and unit size slightly to adjust to your website.

Effective Ad Positioning

Placing the Ads in the places with greater visibility and maximum probability of clicking, yields best results. See the images below with colored blocks which kind of tell us that those are the areas with maximum visibility and higher chances of getting clicked. Placing your AdSense in the areas as per the images below may increase the chances of your visitors clicking on the Ads but remember there are other things also which must be kept in mind to increase the click ratio, such as color blending of Ads, keywords in content, number of impressions, visits etc,. And since every website is different, you may experiment and determine the best Ad position yourself.

Layout #1.

Ad positioning for a web site with header[top], footer[bottom], navigation bar[left], content in the middle. Good for either static or dynamic content on the page.

Layout #2

Ad positioning for website with lengthy article/content on the page. People when scroll down after reading the article will see an Ad and chances of clicking it to navigate out of the page is quite high.
AdSense Optimization Layout #2

Layout #3

Another way of placing Ad in the site with the skyscrapper placed on left. It more or less looks will like a navigation bar with links, right blending of colors increases click rate.

Layout #4

Placing the Ad Link unit on left hand side inside the navigation bar makes it look like a part of navigation and provides different topics on which people can click on. On the right and in the content, placing a square 125×125 or 200×200 ad format layout is always good. It increases the chances of someone clicking on it if it also serves image Ads.

Layout #5

Same as above but placing the square Ad in the navigation bar on the right hand side.

Layout #6

Same as #4 but with the square Ad unit in the content is placed on left. If you blend it well with the site color, you will see an immediate increase in the click rate.

Layout #7

One of the unusual site designs. I have seen it on a couple of websites which are highly successful with Ads. Of course, you can replace the skyscrapper on right with small units of AdSense or Ad units of any other Ad programs.

Layout #8

For a site with no footer, place a wide Ad unit as a footer. An Ad Links unit can be placed in the right or left navigation bar.
AdSense Optimization Layout #8

Please do focus on your content too! Your AdSense optimization will be more successful with more number of people visiting your site.

I hope these AdSense optimization tips would be useful to you and help you in your optimization efforts. In my next articles, I will focus on color blending techniques and avoiding Ad blindness. Please do drop in your comments, feedback, suggestions for articles.

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Auto Social Poster 3.5 for Wordpress
Thursday, May 1, 2008

Site Sniper Pro is the premier solution for deep site targeting to create powerful Google site-targeted ad campaigns. You can find hundreds of laser-targeted sites for your ads in minutes using Site Sniper Pro's exclusive deep-scan technology.

You get effortless, actionable information about potential target pages for your product or service. This search resulted in 921 pages found with more than 215 of them potential targets for an AdWords180 campaign. And I had less than 8 minutes of my time to get these results.

You can even see AdWords advertisers for your search terms. One of my sneaky tricks is to find AdWords advertisers with pages I can target. They pay for my laser-targeted advertising while I leach customers from my competitors ads! Awesome use for AdWords180.

Here is where you can see what Site Sniper Pro actually found and can use in your Google site-targeted campaign. It doesn't get any easier.

Here Are Some More Great Features:

Automatically convert your tags to Technorati links.
Ability to assign pre-set tags to all of your posts for a specific blog. This is a powerful option for those running niche blogs. Just enter a list of tags, and each time a new post is added to your blog, the plugin will grab some of those tags and use them. 100% hands-free!
Email Progress Reports. Each time you post to your blog, the Auto Social Poster generates and email giving you the status of each bookmarking post. It will tell you if your post failed or was successful.
You can potentially post to many bookmarking site that is running Scuttle. Scuttle is an open source bookmarking platform that allows anyone to create their own bookmarking site. You can find hundreds of sites using Scuttle by just doing a simple search on Google. That means you can potentially post to a lot more than the 10 sites listed above.

With This Tool You Wil Be Able To:

Automate bookmarking of your blog posts from hundreds or even thousands of blogs. No more tinkering with settings and doing your postings one by one. It's time to step up and become more automated like the big online marketers.
Add your new blog posts to an unlimited number of accounts. This is where you can blast traffic to your niche. Instead of just randomly dumping all of your URLS into an account like most other software, how about creating different bookmarking accounts that are used to post about different topics or niches. This is easy to set up with Auto Social Poster.
Give the bookmarking sites and visitors exactly what they want - fresh quality content, NOT hundreds of spammy web pages links.

Home page :
Wordpress Plugin FAQ:

What is required to install and run this plugin?

You need the following:
1. Wordpress 2.1+
2. FTP Software (to upload the plugin)
3. Accounts at the social bookmarking sites. (these are all free)

What is your refund policy

You have 30 days to try this tool. If you don't like it I will refund your money, no questions asked.

Is this SPAM Software?

Absolutely not. We do not promote or condone spamming and our software is not spamware.

How does this add tags automatically?

When creating your blog post, you specify the keywords to be used as tags. You can also specify pre-set tags for all blog posts in advance.

Does Auto Social Poster create bookmarking accounts for me?

No, definitely not. You must do this yourself, but it takes less than a minute for each site.

We decided not to offer this ability because the sign up processes for most sites are constantly changing in an effort to combat spammers and automated registrations. Any system that automates account creations is just asking for problems down the road.

We are not spammers and do not wish to be perceived as such.We are not trying to generate throwaway accounts where you spam a few hundred domains and then get banned. We want to create lasting accounts, that build integrity over time. This is not a spam tool!

How can this be used to post to my blog automatically?

This is how I use Auto Social Poster: I have close to 100 quality content Wordpress blogs. On each one I have installed the Auto Social Poster plugin. On some of them I have RSS2Blog set up to post an different articles to each blog.When it does, Auto Social Poster takes over and does it's thing... I don't have to do anything except check my email report to make sure that everything was posted OK.

There are several applications that can add posts to your blog automatically. Just load up a bunch of good content, making sure you add your keywords to be used as tags and then you are ready to go.

Does your plugin also bookmark my website URLS?

No. Auto Social Poster does not bookmark the pages of your website. In most cases that will look like SPAM unless you are bookmarking only a few pages. Auto Social Poster only bookmarks fresh posts to your Wordpress blog.


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